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Comparator 1.0 - any other uses?

Comparator 1.0 - any other uses?

Eric Raymond has his Comparator program, which for legal reasons has Absolutely Nothing To Do With The SCO Lawsuit, though Eric does say at Enterprise Unix Roundup: Talking Past Each Other that

"I am grinning a grin that should frighten the thieves and liars at SCO out of a week's sleep."

I wonder if he ran that one by his lawyers?

Anyway, lawsuits and all that aside, there must be other uses for this race car comparator. Eric says "I didn't invent the shred technique, but I may have perfected it". Seems a shame if we can't find some, uh, more productive, no, less annoying? No, that's not it either. Seems a shame if we can't use it for something that doesn't involve lawyers and all the nasties that go with this stuff. How about a quicker IDS system? Could this be used as a very quick way to see if you've been hacked? Maybe.

Do you have any other ideas?

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