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Comcast to double speed

© September 2003 Tony Lawrence
Tue Sep 9 10:21:31 GMT 2003

Whoa Nellie: 3 Mbits/sec downloads coming soon: Comcast Says to Double Net Speed by End of Year (link dead, sorry). Sheesh, I could fill up my hard drive in less than an hour!

Upload remains at 256k. You wouldn't want people running servers out of their homes, right? But that day is probably coming. If you want to pay about double, you can get 384k up from Comcast now, which is probably fast enough for a lot of smaller folks to bring their web in house if they wanted to. But would you want to? Shared web hosting is pretty cheap, and that's one less server to worry about - somebody else keeps it running. And of course farming it out can give you much more than 384k. At some point though, it will become tempting, assuming companies like Comcast will even let you do it, of course. They might not, or if they do, might charge you so much extra that you'll stay with the hosting folks.

Well, that's down the road a bit anyway. But the 3 Mb pipes will be running very soon.

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