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Another reason to run Mozilla

© September 2003 Tony Lawrence

Microsoft has been dope-slapped yet again: a flaw they thought they fixed is still exploitable, and it's another serious one: Hackers jump through holes in Microsoft patch.

It's bad enough that people don't keep up with Microsoft patches, but even worse when the supposed fix still leaves you open.

This is another IE bug, one that starts with mail but ends up infecting and affecting your browser. Microsoft says they don't know of any actual exploit, but apparently other people say they are all wet.

What to do? Well, isn't it obvious? Get rid of that Microsoft junk once and for all. Download the latest Mozilla and stop the nonsense. Not that there will never be a Mozilla bug or security exploit, but there will be far, far less and they will get fixed faster.

It's time. It's way past time. Do it now.

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-> Another reason to run Mozilla

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