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Why does Microsoft oppose spam legislation?

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Wed Sep 3 17:40:53 GMT 2003 Why does Microsoft oppose spam legislation?

http://screaming-penguin.com/main.php?storyid=3352 says that Microsoft is on the wrong side of this issue.

Actually, Microsoft is NOT against stopping spam, it's just that they want to collect some money for helping you do it. Enlightened self-interest (which isn't really the phrase I'd like to use) says that when you see an opportunity to pile up some cash, you should oppose someone else's idea that doesn't line your pockets.

I don't entirely disagree with the Senator quoted in the article, but I'm not sure her bill would do any good. I'm not sure Microsoft's concept is worth anything either, so I guess I'm sitting on some other fence entirely.

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-> Why does Microsoft oppose spamlegislation?

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