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Microsoft deletes 35 weeks of email

© August 2003 Tony Lawrence
Sun Aug 31 11:00:27 GMT 2003

Cringely has a report about Stupid Microsoft Tricks: Why the Richest Company on Earth Feels it Needs to Cheat that just has to make you shake your head in amazement. The short of it is that Microsoft is once again accused of trying to steal technology it didn't want to buy, and has either destroyed or tried to hide evidence that might prove that.

When, oh when oh when are we going to realize that these people need to be really punished and then cut apart (we being the rest of the country, some of us have known this for years) ?

The old adage "power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely" comes to mind, but it really doesn't even apply, because Microsoft has played dirty since day one. There's a long, sordid history here and the general attitude seems to be "it's just business".

It isn't just business. It is way beyond that, and it's way beyond time to put a stop to it. The Justice Department failed us miserably by not breaking them up, and needs to go back and do it right this time.

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-> Microsoft deletes 35 weeks of email

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