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Blaster creator caught

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Fri Aug 29 11:55:05 GMT 2003 Blaster creator caught

That's great news, but the SoBig virus is much more disturbing. What's apparently going on with that is beta testing: variants of this virus have been released regularly, and the suspicion is that the creators are working toward some goal other than annoying all of us with hundreds of silly email messages. Some say its related to spam, and really that would be the best we could hope for, because it could be building toward a more dangerous ending.

Well, I'll take the good news anyway. This kid who wrote MSBLAST is apparently of legal age, so I'm sure he's going to get pretty severe punishment, not because MSBLAST really did much (shutting down some pretty stupid government agencies comes under the category of "you knew it was coming and did nothing"), but because politically this is ripe for retribution. Too bad for him, but maybe it will make the next little snot think twice.

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