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Are they REALLY this dumb? (SCO Lawsuit)

Thu Aug 21 11:46:56 GMT 2003 Are they REALLY this dumb? (SCO Lawsuit)

As more reputable news sources are starting to report it, it looks like the SCO code examples might be real.

I'm sorry for being so mistrustful of this, but it's so hard to believe that SCO would be this dumb. On the other hand, SCO management has been blundering about for years, screwing up opportunity after opportunity, alienating their best customers, and otherwise demonstrating real stupidity. Why should this be different?

But I'm still just a little reserved. All the cards are not on the table, and sometimes you show an enemy a weakness to divert attention from a strength you want to use at a more opportune time. I think it's a very small possibility of that, though.

"Never attribute to malice what can adequately be explained by stupidity" likely applies here.

Update: this old article concerns SCO and SGI

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