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My Details, Thank You, Wicked screensaver

Those are the Subjects of this weeks virus emails.

It isn't just you: EVERYBODY is getting these things this week. They are viruses, and should be stopped by your virus scanner (by the way, see Kerio Mail Server if you are not scanning at the desktop and the server).

You may also be getting mail from people complaining that you sent a virus to them. If you are infected, you might have, but many viruses scan mail address books, pick out random entries, and send mail to others pretending to be from the address they picked. So if one of your contacts is infected, their machine may send mail to hundreds of people that looks like it came from you. Examining the full headers carefully would show that you didn't send it, but many virus scanners just automatically complain back at you.

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-> -> My Details, Thank You, Wicked screensaver

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