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On-Line Ads Important?

A retailer pulls online ads to find out tells how Technoscout.com pulled its advertising from Yahoo and other sites and experienced a 45% drop in sales as a result.

Some reporters are touting this as showing the importance of on-line advertising. It doesn't show that at all: it may show the importance of on-line adverising for an on-line business, but gee, isn't that rather obvious? When you see an on-line ad that interests you click on it and there you are. When you hear "visit our web site" on the radio or read it in print, you are far less likely to do anything about it, because you have to remember or write down the site address. I just can't imagine why anyone was surprised by this.

I also wonder why these folks needed to actually STOP advertising to figure this out. Wouldn't it have been easier just to record where the people came from? Sure, just like print and radio, some part of on-line advertising is for building name recognition, but this "test" would have made much more sense if it had been done by someone using on-line ads that tried to drive business to a brick and mortar store.

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