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More shoes hitting the floor (SCO Lawsuit)

© August 2003 Tony Lawrence

RedHat enters the fray to sue SCO.

That's an odd shoe indeed. Certainly RedHat may be concerned about the FUD this suit has generated, but is this going to help? It probably pleases some of the wilder Linuxoids, but what is it going to do in reality? Something else to drag out just as long as the original? Makes no sense to me..

Bruce Garlock says:

I think that Redhat stepped in because they are probably losing some business over the FUD being spread around. To this point, nothing has been proven (I think), so with people like the Gartner group recommending that businesses wait to deploy Linux installations until everything is settled, Redhat is simply saying "Hey, your unproven claims are hurting our business".

Sure, that's true, but I still wonder what they hope to accomplish with this. I agree that it may be hurting business, but this isn't going to make the SCO suit move any faster. Maybe someday they could get some compensation, but of course that would probably only be true if SCO loses. Anyway, as usual, it's an interesting ride..

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-> More shoes hitting the floor (SCOLawsuit)

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