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What if they like it?

Information week reports that Microsoft is testing Linux: Microsoft Takes Linux For a Test Drive.

Can't you just picture the poor people who obviously have to report how much this bites struggling to find ways to say that?

"Um, Bill, it's obvious that red installation splash screens interfere with the installers ability to do this properly. This fatal flaw caused us to mistype the gateway address and therefore nothing worked."

"The thought of having to use cryptic and impossible to remember commands like 'ds' and 'dglforp' made us too angry to configure the GUI, so the machine was unusable."

"If we rewrote Outlook properly, it wouldn't pop from Linux servers, and this would really suck."

"On a state of the art 133 Mhz Pentium almost maxed out with 64 MB of ram and a 1 GB drive that cost almost $2,000 new, Linux barefully performed as well as Windows XP on my new $500.00 Dell."

"It cost us $30,000 in consulting fees to have someone explain DNS to us, but we now think we can prove that the concept won't scale."

"Our productivity was severely hampered because half of the programming staff refused to pronounce it 'Lean-ux' ".

"In a head to head test of programmer productivity, our own programmers were able to write a syntax validation routine in less than one hour. We gave the same task to a cleaning woman who knew exactly where the Linux keyboard was, but she accomplished nothing."

"We were unable to install Linux on a TRS-80 Model III or a Commodore 64. Ditto for our TI Scientific Calculator."

"No matter how many monkeys banged on the keyboard, Linux produced no best selling novels and only one very prejudiced treatise on a sorting algorithm. Yes, we have patented the algorithm."

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