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Step right up to buy your SCO license

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Well, another shoe has dropped. SCO announced that it will announce (yes) pricing for corporate Linux users (individuals apparently are getting away with a free ride).

Of course the more rabid among the Slashdot crowd are already howling at the moon. Gosh, we don't even know what the cost is yet and we're already angry? Suppose it's reasonable? Oh, well.

Anyway, there's the on-going noise about SCO losing its rights because of selling Caldera Linux under the GPL. I don't think the GPL has been well tested in court yet, and certainly not from this point of view. Courts tend to favor property rights and will probably take a very dim view of the GPL, so I really doubt there's anything to that.

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-> Step right up to buy your SCO license


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Thu Jul 21 20:19:23 2005: 841   anonymous


You loose mate. SCO knew it long before the proof from an e-mail message leak to the public stating that there is no SCO codes in Linux

Thu Jul 21 20:23:53 2005: 842   anonymous

SCO is trying to hustling money from Linux users even when their claims were not proven in the court yet. Shame. Now is 2005, not 2003 or 2004.. we already knew well about the truth. Go ahead and pay for your SCO license if you support SCO. That money is going to help SCO to pay for the lawsuits from IBM and Redhat. Hopefully from other companies too. *wink* *wink* I doubt it will be enough to cover the lawsuits.. hopefully. Again, you loose mate.

Thu Jul 21 20:28:51 2005: 843   justinc

Man, the finale.. I'm sure the final episode of the last season of SCO vs IBM drama will be air around 2007. The court will say something like this to SCO "No prove, no money for you".

Hey, who ask SCO to keep amending their claims. Serve them right for bad-mouthed all the potential customers aka linux users.

Thu Jul 21 23:42:56 2005: 845   TonyLawrence

I realize you haven't read a lot of what I've written about SCO, so you probably interpreted this thinking that I am a SCO defender - hence the "you loose, mate" (and that's "lose", not "loose").

However, I don't lose, because I'm NOT a SCO apologist. I've been calling this lawsuit stupid since day one. My only fear has been that they might actually win.. looks pretty unlikely now, fortunately.


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