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Sun Jul 20 00:32:55 GMT 2003 Alexa Site Rankings

I had forgotten about Alexa, but happened to stumble across it again the other day. It's kind of fun, because you can actually compare one site against another.

For example, you can check up on how I'm doing in my quest to break into the top 100,000 Internet sites:

Am I gaining or losing ground?

I'm losing in recent years, plunging from a low in the 40,000 area to a depressing spot well above the 100k mark.

It's fun (and illuminating) to check up on your competition or see how big the big sites really are. You can also review sites you like (or don't).

You can check to see who links to you or any site you are interested in (and it's much easier than Google's equivalent).

Check it out, you'll like it.

If you run IE, you can download a free Alexa Toolbar

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