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Perl 6

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Sat Jul 19 23:37:20 GMT 2003 Perl 6

Larry Wall presents the State of the Onion 2003, which may eventually tell you something about Perl 6, but if you can get to the end of it, you're a better person than I am.

Actually, it's only eleven pages, and if you read it backwards (I think Larry Wall would probably understand and appreciate that method) it's not so hard. After shaking my head through the first three pages, that's what I did: skipped right to page eleven and read page ten after reading that, and continued in that manner. I don't know if that counts as reading the whole thing, because I never did read several of the middle pages. None of it really helped me understand what's going to happen with Perl 6, but fortunately O'Reilly has recently published Perl 6 Essentials, which I suspect is probably a better way to find out.

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Tue Jun 19 11:45:33 2012: 11113   TonyLawrence


All these years later, Perl 6 is still something very few people use.

In 2002, Larry Wall said

"But two years ago Perl 5 had already started dying, because people were starting to see it as a dead-end language. It seemed odd at the time, but when we announced Perl 6, Perl 5 suddenly took on a new life. We shouldn't have been surprised. When people have a vision for the future of a language, the current language doesn't seem inferior any more."

But in 2012, Perl -v on my machine still says

This is perl, v5.10.1

Tue Jun 19 16:54:04 2012: 11116   BigDumbDinosaur


But in 2012, Perl -v on my machine still says

This is perl, v5.10.1

Same here, except with an x86_64 tag on the end.


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