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01/27/2003 05:40 PM unix "screen"

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01/27/2003 05:40 PM unix "screen"

I've been trying to figure out how to use screen automatically. I have used it myself manually: login, run "screen -D -R" and if I was previously disconnected I'm reconnected to whatever I was doing. If not, it just starts a new session.

But typical users don't want to type that - they just want to go into their application automatically. I thought that would be fairly easy, but so far it hasn't been. I must be missing something very basic.

I thought something like this would work as a logon script:

M=`screen -ls | wc -l`
echo $M
case $M in
  4) args="-D -R";;
  *) args="/usr/bin/myscript";;
eval screen $args

and it ALMOST does, but the first session of myscript doesn't get detached. I keep staring at this..

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-> 01/27/2003 05:40 PM unix 'screen'

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