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Testing a new comments system

© February 2005 Tony Lawrence

I haven't been happy with our Wiki based comments system for some time. So, I've written a new system and am testing it off the Home page and for this article only. Please feel free to test it out; if there aren't too many problems I'll put it in place sitewide soon.

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-> Testing a new comments system


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Wed Feb 16 12:55:27 2005: 4   TonyLawrence


This is a comment without a subject. You should be able to edit your own comments or any "anonymous" comment.

It's quick and easy to create an account, or just comment anonymously if you prefer.

Sun Feb 13 00:14:11 2005: 6   dhh

really? html?

Sun Feb 13 07:35:23 2005: 7   tony8ktony

really? html?

Sun Feb 13 07:36:23 2005: 8   dhh


Sun Feb 13 07:18:04 2005: 9   TonyLawrence


I do allow P, BR, B and I, even UL and LI:
  • Bold
  • italic

but I don't think header tags are necessary in comments. I suppose I could just replace them with a surrounding break and change them to bold.. hmm.. let's try that:

Allowed Header

As for top posting, we can do it either way..

Sun Feb 13 14:20:44 2005: 12   TonyLawrence


Nothing seemed to break, so I've deployed this site-wide. If you have any problems, let me know.


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