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SCO User Surveys

Thu Jan 6 20:19:17 2005 SCO User Posted by Tony Lawrence

A SCO user reports:

I just listened to a voicemail from someone at SCO. I guess they are doing some research to try and see if people have plans for upgrading in the future, and just wanted my contact info.

I wonder if they would ask how many Linux servers I have :-)

Have you heard of these calls, and should I bother calling them back?

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---January 7, 2005

Just got my second call from "Steaphanie" at the SCO group. I let the receptionist tranfer her into my voicemail. I rally do not have much time to do a "survey" right now. Why not email it, so I could complete it late at night or early in the am, when I do have some free time for stuff like that.

They are being very persistent.


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