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Eating your own dogfood

© January 2005 Tony Lawrence

A comment from another article:

Of course we have to be so bashful here. For someone with such a well informed opinion of unix you are very unnecessarily anti-microsoft.

Who cares what they run themselves? Maybe they have a reason to have a problem with Apache... (which I might remind you and all other readers, does not equal Linux, which is fundamentally a KERNEL).

We could consider, best offer of price for bandwidth and hosting performance. Use of specific design tools, or rapid development interfaces unavailable on other platforms with the same install to finalise times. Simply the price point of a near base configuration? Obfuscation of real server type? TINAEL, it could go on forever.

Shut up and get on with it is what I say, as a *nix and 'dows admin and user.

Looking at the source of the index page, it is awash with mess, suggesting a poor coding style and bad practices. This would suggest to me that the site developer would be unable to build and use a Linux based system due to the lack of a full GUI administration system.

Drag already answered the main point here: it's about eating your own dogfood. But there are two other points that need to be made here. First, yes, Linux is a kernel. But Linux systems embrace a Unix philosophy, and THAT is what makes them preferable to Windows. I AM anti-Microsoft, for a lot of reasons, but if we separate the political objections from the pure operating system points, we're still left with an ugly, clumsy philosophy and it is THAT which I dislike.

I don't have any particular love of Linux, BSD, Solaris, SCO or anything else as operating system environments. I DO like the political idea of open source, but again, if we just keep it to the level of USING the computer, I don't care what I run - AS LONG AS IT HAS A UNIX PHILOSOPHY.

I have said before that I cannot understand how anyone can really USE a Windows system and not hate it. It's too damn hard to do anything that someone else hasn't already decided is what you need to be doing. See Linux Sucks.

So, even if Microsoft weren't an ugly, greedy and abusive monopoly, and Linux weren't open source, I'd still prefer Linux over Windows. Even if Windows were free and Linux cost hundreds of dollars. I'd pay it.

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-> Eating your own dogfood

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