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New Samba exploit

© December 2004 Tony Lawrence
Referencing: Integer overflow could lead to remote code execution in Samba 2.x, 3.0.x

Patches from Samba Patch Site.

This of course does require access to a share to begin with, and not too many folks expose shares to the big bad world. However, this could allow someone who had gained internal access through hacking a non-admin account to escalate their privilege and get root access to the Samba server, so it's important to patch this one.

It never ends, does it? And it is particularly galling to we Unixy folks because the only reason we have any Samba running at all is because we need it for the darn Microsoft machines. I think it's a fair observation that NFS wasn't much used in smaller Unix systems, but Network Neighborhood is everywhere.

It all goes back to "making it easy". The easier you make it for the users, the more places where a mistake like this can bite you.

Oh well, patch and get on with it, right?

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