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ADOBE security screwup

Referencing: Adobe patches Acrobat holes

Sheesh. A simple overflow bug. You'd think by now that nobody would make mistakes like this, but they do.

The bug of course affects both Windows and other platforms, including Mac OS X. Updates are supposedly available at Adobe's site, though when I just quickly checked now I only saw mention of a Windows SP2 related problem. This fix is probably there somewhere; I'll just have to look harder.

Ahh, I see: they don't talk about this. I fired up my Mac Reader and asked it to check for updates; it says there are none. On Windows, I was way out of date, so I downloaded version 6.0.1, which in turn can be updated to 6.0.2. But there is no mention of 6.0.3 which supposedly fixes this bug. Also, I couldn't even get the 6.0.2 update to install - it just fails on my wife's Windows machine. Great job, Adobe!

Important comment moved into main text:

The 6.0.2 patch is one of the more bizarre software patches I've
ever seen. Fortunately, you can download a massive 34MB integrated
version of 6.0.2 from

Adobe Acrobat Family

(Uninstall 6.0.1 first.)

References to 6.0.3 have not yet been posted; the "new downloads"
web page is actually unavailable at this moment.


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---December 21, 2004

Apparently, Acrobat Reader 6.0.3 will never see the light of day. Version 7.0 is now available at the same website listed above. And, wonder of wonders, it's only (?) 20.3MB for the full version, and 12.8MB for the basic version. Still larger than 6.0.1, but smaller than 6.0.2.


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