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Copyright Violation by Ixorg and SCO

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Wed Dec 8 19:37:18 2004


I just heard from the person who submitted the article. He says (and I believe him) that he DID properly attribute the article and that it was IXorg's fault that was taken off and that they will post an apology.

I see also that SCO has properly attributed the article now.

Nothing more to see here, folks.. :-)

I would have rather handled this with them privately rather than publically, but they (Ixorg) don't have anything on their website that indicates how I would contact them.

Ixorg took https://aplawrence.com/SCOFAQ/FAQ_scotec7pflowcontrol.html and gave it to SCO who published it in their latest newsletter and at https://www.sco.com/partners/news/0412/ixorg_corner.html. That is my material, and is not public domain.

I don't mind that, but I DO mind that Ixorg has taken credit for something they didn't write.

A public apology by both SCO and Ixorg will be sufficient to rectify this. The article at https://www.sco.com/partners/news/0412/ixorg_corner.html may be published but proper attribution must be made.

I also want a listing of other "Contributed by IXorg" articles so I can see if they have done more of this.

I expect this to be done quickly.

Generally speaking, most articles at my website are NOT free to republish in any form.

Got something to add? Send me email.

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-> Copyright Violation by Ixorg and SCO


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---December 8, 2004

I've had a phone call from Ixorg. They have been made aware of this and are investigating.

No response from SCO.


---December 8, 2004

https://ixorg.com has contact info, but I was looking at ixorg.org.


---December 8, 2004

Someone pointed out that Ixorg lists me as a member.

Funny that they have me listed, because I refused to pay membership dues. I didn't feel that Ixorg offered anything of value to me (they do seminars and have meetings etc. that I'm sure ARE of value but I'm not interested in those).

I wonder how many other refuseniks are listed as members?

That strikes me as more than a bit dishonest also - listing my name says "Tony Lawrence thought enough of Ixorg to pay our dues" - and that's simply not true.


---December 9, 2004

Wow! I have been to other sites that have taken your articles, and copied them verbatim. Do you allow other sites to do this?

Next time I come across one, I will let you know. I do remember seeing your logo on one, but no link to your site. I will see if I can dig it up, but it was a while ago, and had to do with serial devices. I guess you are fairly popular with serial devices, and Unix :-)

- Bruce Garlock

---December 9, 2004


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