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More bad news for SCO

© December 2004 Tony Lawrence

Poor SCO. The "millions of lines" of code never turned up, but if they had, it might not matter anyway. Apparently USL had to agree a long time ago that most of it was free to redistribute. The funniest part of this link is the "SCO declined to comment on this story".

I could suggest a comment or two. I bet you could too, but we want to remain G rated, don't we?

But I have a question. Where is this code that is free for us to redistribute? Let's get that stuff up on an ftp site - seriously. Can't hurt, is bound to be educational, and might even be useful. True, it's old stuff (nothing after 1994), but heck, a lot of it could still be of interest. And who knows, it might even be helpful in porting old SCO apps to Linux..

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-> More bad news for SCO

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