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Anonymous donation

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We get donations now and then, but usually not anonymous. I like to send off a little thank you note by email or postal for any donation, no matter how small. From time to time I've had a dollar or two stuffed in an unmarked envelope with no identification and even those bother me just a little - I'd like to say "Thanks!".

This morning we received a piece of registered mail from the Isle of Man, Great Britain. That was odd enough, but it was addressed to my home, which isn't an impossible address to sleuth out, but it's not something I publish here. Also, it used my full name, which is also a little unusual: most readers here think of me as "Tony" or "A.P". In this day of people sending letter bombs and poisons by mail, the lack of a return address and the odd addressing made me a little wary, but in holding it up to the light I could see it was a check and the postal clerk said it would be a little strange for someone to send anything harmful by registered mail. I had to agree with that, so I opened it and found a bank check for $70.00 U.S. Nothing to indicate the sender at all, but whoever sent it, we do want to thank you for your support and especially for the extra effort you made to get U.S. funds and send it registered.

So, whoever you are, thank you. We do appreciate it.

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Obviously an appreciative reader.


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