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Ships that pass in the night

© September 2004 Tony Lawrence

Right about 9:00 PM of Thursday, September 2nd 2004, my wife and I were traveling West on the Mass Turnpike. We had just come on from Rte 495, and were almost at the first rest stop when a red pickup truck with the licence "IM ROOT" passed us.

My wife, a stickler for honesty, noted that it was dark, so the color may not have been red, and that the plate also might have been "IW ROOT". Fah, I say. If I am driving a blue sedan with the plate "PCUNIX", it is only logical to assume that "IW ROOT" is meaningless. She said it could be "Irving William Root". Foo on that.

I wanted to give chase and get a definitive ruling, but no, she wanted to stop and eat. So the mysterious Unix person disappeared into the night as we went to Papa Gino's.

While eating, I mentioned another Unixy plate I used to see around Westwood now and then: "SUN GOD". My wife asked why that wouldn't just be a tanning enthusiast. Foo again, and the close proximity of a very large Sun reseller to where I usually saw the car wouldn't change her mind. "You don't KNOW the owner worked there", she said. I muttered something around a mouthful of pizza.

"And what do you think the 'ESC ESC' plate in my office represents?", I asked after swallowing. This retired plate had been sent to me by my ex-partner Kevin Clark and I had hung it up in a suitable manner. "Get away from it all?", she ventured.

"Hah!", I retorted, "it's Filepro's default keys to record data!".

Women. What do they know about license plates?

See Unix license plates also.

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-> Ships that pass in the night (Unix Licence plates)

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At one time I had a plate that said:


However, it made my car too distinctive and I felt very nervous around rabid Windows types. So now I have:

101 0200

which is (I think) less distinctive. Of course, a white T'Bird being driven at a high rate of speed on I-80 doesn't exactly blend in with the scenery. <Grin>


---September 4, 2004

Am I being unusually slow today?

What's 101 0200 supposed to mean?


No, you're not being any slower than usual. <Grin> Sorry, I couldn't resist that.

101 0200 doesn't mean anything. I was randomly assigned a new number when Illinois decided to redesign our license plates a few years ago. At least it's an easy number for me to remember.


---September 4, 2004

Good :-)

I was translating it as hex, octal, but coming up with nothing I could recognize :-)


I wanted to get a license plate that says:

55 4E 49 58

which is UNIX in hex, but the crooks in Springfield have jacked up the vanity plate fees to the stratosphere. Also, I don't think they can format the text that way. Anyhow, I can't bring myself to blow a wad of money just to have a funny looking license plate that only another computer geek -- that is, one who knows something other than Windows -- would appreciate.


---September 5, 2004

Well, PCUNIX has been fun now and then: https://aplawrence.com/Blog/B794.html


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