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Munich Linux going forward, SCO and DaimlerChrysler

© August 2004 Tony Lawrence

Thu Aug 12 10:58:47 2004 Munich Linux

According to Munich Going Forward with Linux, the Munich Linux plans are back on track.

It also looks like the SCO DaimlerChrysler suit apparently had more intent to it (link dead, sorry)

But is SCO done with DaimlerChrysler or not? There's a court date scheduled because the case wasn't entirely dismissed, but everyone expected that SCO would give it up. According to that NewsForge story, there seeems to be some uncertainty about that on SCO's part.

And Novell is still saying that SCO doesn't own any of this stuff anyway.

On the other side of all this, SCO has put Rob Enderle's SCO Forum speech on the web: An Enderle Blow by Blow. Groklaw has reacted to that pretty much as Rob predicted they would, but if you aren't of entirely one mind about this, his comments are worth reading. Yes, he has his bias too, but it isn't quite as Groklaw paints it.

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-> Munich Linux going forward, SCO andDaimlerChrysler


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---August 27, 2004

Tony, I've just come across some of your comments regarding some Groklaw on Rob Enderle.

"On the other side of all this, SCO has put Rob Enderle's SCO Forum speech on the web: https://www.sco.com/2004forum/agenda/Enderle_keynote_SCO-Forum2004.html. Groklaw has reacted to that pretty much as Rob predicted they would, but if you aren't of entirely one mind about this, his comments are worth reading. Yes, he has his bias too, but it isn't quite as Groklaw paints it."

I would really like for you to point out specific instances od Groklaw "group think". You bet, there are some rather acerbic comments posted on Groklaw as to Rob Enderle's analytical prowess. But if you will take the time to read the comments as a whole, you will find that most of the dissatisfaction with Rob Enderle by the Groklaw community is the fact that his rants are almost entirely void of any corrobation using any known facts. This relegates his articles, speeches, etc. to the opinion piece variety, rather than the analysis variety.
Groklawyers do have a very admitted bias. But I read any of the comments the same way as I do Rob or you or anyone else. If anyone flashes flame without accompanying facts, their opinions are ignored as being uninformed. Now if you wish, I can point you to much of what Rob Enderle says about the SCOvsIBM deal as being presented without accompany facts to back up his opinion, or choosing only facts which would tend to make his point look better.
Just my two cents worth, even though my wife only offers me a penny for my thoughts.


---August 27, 2004

Groklaw posters aren't entirely homogenous, but I think "group think" is a pretty fair description. There seems to be almost zero understanding that, whether or not there is any reality to SCO's claims, they still could win it. There is also a great deal of juvenile taunting and other nonsense. There's very little dissension, and that is, as I said, group think.

Please do understand that I do not object to Groklaw's bias - in fact I share much of the same bias, with the major exception being that I know that this COULD go the wrong way. I only object to the blind stupidity of those who don't see the bias and don't understand the difference between HOPING that SCO loses and INSISTING that they will. People who think Groklaw is gospel are, well, dumb. The sad part is that if it turns out that SCO does get its hat handed to it as so many of us wish, there will be great crowing and patting of one's own back from those very same people, and it won't be deserved. As they say, even a blind pig can find acorns.


---September 10, 2004

Well, I haven't searched on Google yet to see what Groklaw is but I did read Rob Enderle's speech. I'm not a programmer or a lawyer, just a person with a long time interest in technology and computers which is why I began reading about the SCO - IBM - Linux - System V - Novell battles. Regarding Mr. Enderle's speech, I had a difficult time finding anything of substance in it. I did learn what his beliefs are on some scattered and somewhat disconnected points, I also learned that he views himself as a very ethical person and someone who has had to pay both professionally and personally for holding to his principles. What I had hoped to see and what he seemed to be promising in the early part of his speech was at least a documented fact or two that would provide some kind of evidence of his position. It may well be that the "Groklaw" group (is that some kind of reference to Stranger in a Strange Land) are constituted like an Operation Rescue for Linux in which case I imagine there will be as much factual support for their position as there was there was in Mr. Enderele's speech for his.

Eric Drake

---September 10, 2004


Sheesh :-)

Mon Mar 30 18:54:47 2015: 12636   TonyLawrence


Estimated cost if Munich returned to Windows 3.15 million Euros : Munich sheds light on the cost of dropping Linux and returning to Windows (link)


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