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As we all know, there is very little Linux software. I guess someone forgot to tell these sites.

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---August 6, 2004

Well Linux doesn't have much software if you count "viruses" as software. Linux only has a dozen or, maybe 2 dozen with all the naming variations. And none of them work anymore on anything more recent then a unpatched RH7.2 box.

Windows, last time I looked, has around 65000 viruses and variations. If that's the type of software they are talking about then they can keep it.

But as far as usefull positive applications? I have 13 gigs of software in my root partition of my Debian box that say they are wrong.


---August 6, 2004

Ayup. So Drag is another person who just didn't get the word. If he had known ahead of time that there just isn't any software, he could have saved 13 GB of disk space.


---August 6, 2004

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