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Cartoons: Bad day at the firewall

© August 2004 Tony Lawrence

Thu Aug 5 13:31:22 2004 Cartoons: Bad Search Keys: cartoons

Cartoons : Bad day at the firewall

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-> Cartoons: Bad day at the firewall

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---August 5, 2004

Is this cartoon a deliberate act of irony in light of the CERT notification I received this morning regarding buffer overflow exploits in the PNG libraries? (This is the first PNG image I've ever noticed on a web page. Most are GIF or JPG.)

And, on an aesthetic side-note, this image looks lousy in IE6 on a 1024x768 display, as if it were reduced to, say, 25% of its original size. Lots of pixel drop outs.


---August 5, 2004

I've been waiting for my wife to get off her machine so I could check that.

Boy, it sure does drop out.. looks fine on my Mac :-)

Prints fine from Windows too.. but looks awful!

Wonder why...


---August 5, 2004

I managed to make it a little better on Windows by making it more coarse on the Mac.. Interesting compromises.


---August 5, 2004

It looks bad because you're making the browser scale the image (from 1085x1410 down to 506x598), and some browsers are just terrible at doing that.

On a side issue, the server (web edit page / script) is serving up a line
"Connection: close Content-type: text/html"
at the start of the page. Almost certainly a bug, and stops some browsers from editing the page.

-- Paul

---August 20, 2004

Oh, sheesh wasn't supposed to be scaling down. Obviously my fault. I'll look into what is causing the other thing..



---August 20, 2004

Thanks again, Paul - I found the dumb code. I think it's right now.


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