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Is this a SCO site?

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Sat Jul 31 18:03:43 2004 Is this a SCO Referencing: https://groups.google.com/groups?selm=T7xOc.140954%24od7.123269%40pd7tw3no

I just noticed this from my Analog stats ( https://aplawrence.com/webstats/ ) :

  reqs: search term
------: -----------
 17612: linux
  9500: unix
  8817: sco
  5010: perl
  4948: mac

I'd say aplawrence.com is now much more of a Linux site than a SCO site.

But really I don't intend for it to be either. We definitely have a Unixy slant, but I'm a fan of BSD, Solaris, Linux and even AIX and other things. I even don't hate Windows XP quite as much as I hate everything else Windows.

But - never mind that. The implicit message in that newsgroup post is that all things SCO are dead, Linux is the future, rah, rah.

I'd enjoy that future. As I've explained a dozen times, I care not a bit about the fortunes of SCO as a corporation. There are people who work there who might suffer a bit if SCO died, and I do feel empathy for them, but losing SCO itself would be no more than an annoyance, and that mostly because of broken links on my website!

But I do think that the loss of SCO can only mean more power for Microsoft - it would be another Unix competitor put away forever. The ignorant Linzealots will probably laugh hysterically, but that's because most of them have no clue as to how successful SCO was in the small to medium business marketplace.

As to Linux being the future, maybe. That would certainly be nice, but it is by no means assured. Microsoft won't give up easily, won't fight cleanly, and is absolutely out for the kill.

There are also other contenders for whatever Unixish space Microsoft leaves us to swim in. Mac OS X is steadily gaining ground, and who knows: GNU Hurd may get finished someday. Much as I don't care about SCO as an entity, neither do I particularly care about Linux. The GNU tools are frankly much more important to me than Linux per se is. And, for my own personal OS, right now I choose OS X.

Maybe SCO will win, maybe they will lose. Maybe Linux will continue to grow, maybe it won't. I don't really care who wins or loses as long as Microsoft doesn't squeeze us all out of existence.

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