Mounting Xenix Filesystem with Linux


It's 2004, folks. Yet here we have someone trying to mount a Xenix filesystem.

Well, mounting SCO filesystems under Linux isn't easy. The first impediment is that Linux (other than LVM) thinks filesystems and disk partitions belong together and SCO usually divides one disk partition into multiple filesystems. If the target box is still running, and you can still put hardware in it, you can transfer a SCO filesystem to a whole disk easily. Otherwise, it's not so easy. The Linux kernel support was apparently intended for floppy disks anyway.

The next problem for non-Xenix disks is that, as far as I know, no one has every written anything to mount SCO HTFS file systems, which is what you are most likely to find. So unless you have access to the box and can copy data to a filesystem type Linux CAN understand (SysV), you probably won't get far.

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