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So weary of Microsoft junk

I am so sick of Microsoft products. Another call this morning from someone with a non-functional Outlook. Went through all the typical stuff - "can you browse the internet?" "is anyone else having trouble with mail?" "have you tried disabling your virus software?" "Have you rebooted?" "How big is the Inbox?" but no joy. Looks like an on-site visit, as he doesn't WANT to use Mozilla, but I am very close to saying "Tough - use it or go call someone who cares that you want to run a fragile piece of insecure junk". Really - I'm very close to snarling.

Then I get to where I was really going and all I'm supposedly doing is installing a new printer, but the XP machine needs 43 critical updates and its virus software expired a year ago. Amazingly, it wasn't full of Adware and viri - yet. So sit for an hour watching updates install - that's my idea of fun!

It makes me weary.. yes, it's all money and money pays the bills, but it's not the way I like to earn my living.

First call this morning was a funny one: printer not working from Unix, but OK with Windows. Windows "experts" deliberate, decide it's the awful Unix system that must be at fault (duh!), and they aren't touching that for love or money. I arrive at 7:15 AM, and after following their false lead, and ultimately finding someone that can get me into the software with enough privilege to examine printer setups, see that the printer is direct to a serial port. I go look at the printer itself. Cable is parallel. Hmm.. any chance the serial cable came unplugged and maybe fell behind these filing cabinets? Ayup. Plugged it back in and it printed, but I noticed that he had to push the "Go" button to feed the page. Did it always need that? Yes, and the Windows folks had explained that this was because the data traveled from the PC to the Unix box and then back to the PC to print. Which of course it didn't at all, but even if it did, that's a pretty silly explanation.

Oh, well :-)

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"...the Windows folks had explained that this was because the data traveled from the PC to the Unix box and then back to the PC to print."

And to think that these MCSE's, et al, actually expect to receive money in exchange for such wisdom. Geesh! The client would be better off going to Miss Cleo.


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