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Consultants - update your listing

Thu Jul 22 00:42:26 2004 Consultants - Referencing: /consultants.html

Just a reminder:

The searchable Unix/Linux Consultants List at //aplawrence.com/consultants.html is still very active - over 500 listings presently from all over the world. If you haven't updated or checked your listing for accuracy recently, please do so. Listings now carry an updated date for the benefit of those searching the list. Starting next year, we'll start dropping people who haven't updated at all..

For now, updating your listing kicks you closer to the top of the list - which isn't a bad thing either, though it won't help you to update every month; the sort is based on the year only.

Also - for those who do update: including information about your specialties and capabilities is important. Remember, this is a searchable list: people will search for Perl or Oracle, etc. and if your listing has what they want, they'll see it. More and more I see folks using it this way rather than by geographic region - sure, for some things they need someone close by, but today a lot of us do our work over the internet anyway, so geography isn't as important as it used to be.

Anyway: review your listing, if it needs changing just fill in the form at //aplawrence.com/consultants.html and click the "Update" box too. I review all listings and changes to avoid spammers, so you will not see your changes instantly, but I do get to it quickly.

This is a FREE listing, always has been and always will be. I maintain it not just because I'm a nice guy and want to help out other people. Many times I have had customers say something like: "I don't know anybody else who can help with this Unix/Linux stuff. If we lost you, we'd be in trouble. Maybe we should change our system".

The more people we can point at, the less likely our customers will feel that way. So, while a listing there may do you some good, it may also do all of us some good.

Got something to add? Send me email.

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Wed Jun 13 12:16:05 2012: 11094   TonyLawrence


I never did get around to weeding out old listings.. maybe this year..

Wed Jun 13 14:41:01 2012: 11096   BigDumbDinosaur


Better late than never, eh?

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