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Bill Vermillion

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There are a number of people I pester now and then about writing for this website ( you know who you are, and where is that article?). With Bill Vermillion, I've done more than pester: I've begged, pleaded, gotten on my virtual knees..

Bill is one of those extremely rare people who have imposing amounts of technical knowledge and are also able to communicate that knowledge to others. In shorter words, he knows his stuff and can explain it, too. I've admired his posts in comp.unix.sco.misc for many years, and have frequently (too frequently, right Bill?) chided him that he should write more. Well, I guess I finally wore him down, because Bill has agreed to submit a series of articles on tapes and tape drives. Bill is very expert in this area, having experience both in audio and data recording.

The very first article is a review of magnetism and electrons, just to be sure everyone is on the same page. I know I'm looking forward to the rest of this series- so if you know any of Bill's clients, tell them to leave Bill alone for a month or so- we need these tape articles!

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