Facetwin logs wrong ownership

by Bill Mohrhardt

I have about 600 files in my shared drive /1/users/prog. Now, I unfortunately created many of those files when I was logged in as root. So, each time I call up a File Browser window on my Linux box to view /mnt/narcoa/1/users/prog, Facetwin writes a message to /usr/adm/syslog every time it finds a file in my /1/users/prog that has ownership other than prog! I often wondered why there was such a delay in building the window. I did a series of chown & chgrp, and removed some really old files, and now the window comes up in one-tenth of the time. I really need to check other users' shared drives as well, this is one big reason why my /usr/adm/syslog gets so bloated.

I wonder how many of us dinosaurs are out there who might benefit from it? I think it is an issue unique to Facetwin, but I have not tried samba yet, so maybe that wastes time updating similar logs. I have similar messages that come up in the case of one machine shared by multiple users. The /etc/rc.local executes the smbmount as one user, but when another user is logged on, and browses the shared drive, the /usr/adm/syslog is like the energizer bunny, it keeps going, and going....

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Wed Sep 16 15:30:08 2009: 6917   TonyLawrence

I don't know if Samba logs that, but if I had to bet, I'd guess that it would.

Thu Sep 17 13:36:00 2009: 6922   BigDumbDinosaur

I don't know if Samba logs that, but if I had to bet, I'd guess that it would.

Unless the log level is elevated by the log level= parameter in smb.conf, Samba won't complain if the perms on any given file allow a user to open it for reading. As long as a share points to the directory that contains the file, it's fair game for reading. If the user doesn't have write permission on the file he will get a Windows error telling him about it. Samba won't log such an event unless the log level has been elevated.

Samba normally won't scribble into syslog, unless told to do so by an smb.conf entry. The default for logging errors is log.smbd, log.nmbd, etc., whose location can be defined by the -l option to smbd, nmbd, etc.

BTW, I surprised to hear that anyone still runs Facetwin. Like VisionFS, Facetwin was obsoleted some years ago by Samba.

Thu Sep 17 13:49:17 2009: 6924   TonyLawrence

Thanks, Steggy.

It surprises me how much Facetwin I see. I never used it myself (I did like Facetterm back in the day) but they must have sold a lot of this, because it keeps turning up.

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