Why would I even want a computer?

This is a preliminary outline for a very basic presentation to seniors. Some of you may want to use this yourselves and of course I appreciate any suggestions or additions.

This came up because I manned a table at a "Fun over 55" fair yesterday showing some of things we've talked about at our community Computer Club. There were too many people expressing doubt that they'd want a computer at all or if they had one (sometimes forced upon them by children), they expressed fear and confusion.

I thought I'd offer this to help out some of those folks.

Why do I even want a computer?

  • Email
  • Video Chat
  • Google and the Internet
  • Facebook, Twitter
  • Games
  • Movies
  • Books
  • Forums
  • Photos
  • Learning new things
  • Looking up what we've forgotten
  • College Lectures
  • Art and Museums
  • Hobbies
  • Sell stuff
  • and more?

What kind of computer should I buy?

  • Notebook
  • Laptop
  • Desktop
  • Wireless
  • iPhone/iPod/iTouch/Smart Phone
  • Apple, Windows, Linux?

How much Ram? How much disk space? How fast?
Geek-speak - what do these things mean?

  • RAM
  • Hard Drive or Hard Disk
  • CPU
  • Gigahertz
  • Megabytes, Gigabytes
  • Quad Core
  • Screen size and resolution
  • Dual screen?

How much money should I spend?

  • Gaming vs. casual use
  • Dog years and Computer Years
  • It's last years model right after you buy it
  • Construction quality

(If you have a computer now)
Should I upgrade what I have or buy new?

Where should I buy it?

  • Online
  • Best Buy, BJ's, Costco
  • Apple Store
  • Local computer shop

What software should I buy?

  • Microsoft Office
  • Free Office Suites

What about a Printer?

  • Laserjets vs. Inkjets
  • All-in-one printer/scanner/fax disadvantages

What kind of Internet Service?

  • DSL and Broadband
  • 3G/4G
  • Comcast Cable
  • Verizon Fiber Optic
  • Direct TV
  • Dial Up

What about Viruses and Malware?

  • Viruses vs. Malware - what's what?
  • Protecting yourself and your computer
  • Privacy (nothing wrong with lying to Facebook)
  • Why do people write these viruses?

Buying on line - is it safe?

  • Internet safety vs. a restaurant or a store.
  • Using Secure Credit Cards
  • PayPal

More than one computer?

  • Routers and switches and hubs, oh my
  • Sharing printers

Got something to add? Send me email.

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