RV Toilet Paper Test

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I have read conflicting opinions on whether it is safe to use ordinary toilet paper in our RV. Of course the guy at the RV store insists that we must only use the expensive RV toilet paper or risk clogging our tank. Yet I've found supposedly experienced campers on line who say it isn't necessary at all.

To decide for myself, I ran a little test. I wadded up three balls of ordinary two-ply toilet paper and put them in three separate containers. The one on the left contained water and two denture cleaning tablets, the middle used water and a similar quantity of Aqua-Kem Dry and the last was water and vinegar.

Toilet Paper Test

I let them sit for 18 hours. At the end of that time, they looked like this:

Toilet Paper Test after 18 hours

I'd say Aqua-Kem definitely will dissolve ordinary toilet paper. That doesn't entirely put my mind at ease, though, because it does take a fair amount of time and naturally we are always adding more. Someday I will repeat the test with RV paper and see how it looks after 18 hours.

It looked to me that the most dissolution was taking place in the Aqua-Kem glass. I dumped them each out in our sink to see how they fared.

The vinegar affected the toilet paper the least. I did notice that two flies had drowned there, proving that you can catch flies with vinegar, but toilet paper holds up quite well.

Toilet Paper Dump Vinegar

The denture tablet container didn't look like it had affected the paper very much, but when I dumped it I was surprised to see that it actually had made some progress toward breaking things down.

Toilet Paper Dump Denture Cleaner

But the Aqua-kem was the clear winner. Quite a lot of the paper simply disappeared when I dumped it and what was left spread out impressively.

Toilet Paper Dump Aqua-Kem