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In 2005, we sold our trailer (a park model in Snob Hill at that time) and left BVR. We both cried as we drove down Kittle Road that August day, but we felt we were doing the right thing.

It was a difficult time for us. We were selling our real home and moving to a retirement community. That would add a half hour or more to our already long drive to BVR. Additionally, we'd been told that we'd need to move our trailer because it was too close to a well. We didn't want to move; we liked where we were. There didn't seem to be any open sites we liked, so we were frustrated and unhappy. Finally, there were rumors that Dan wanted to sell the property for commercial development. It was all too much, so I offered our trailer to a neighbor for half what we had paid 3 years earlier and he jumped at the deal.

We were quiet all through the long drive home. Unbidden tears would sting our eyes as we drove and our throats were tight. We knew we'd miss BVR but we had to do what we had to do.

Over the years, we kept in touch with old BVR friends. We talked a few times about going back for a weekend and even made reservations once, but we didn't make it. Once we drove by Kittle Road while out here for other business and Linda wanted to drive up. I said no because I couldn't. I was already choking up just driving by; I couldn't actually visit. Too many memories, too much lost.

And then in 2013 we started talking about coming back. The more we talked, the more we missed it, so in 2014 we bought a trailer from Bob's Camper and moved into our new site in Heaven.

It's different now. We don't have the view we used to have and many of our old friends are gone. Most members don't know us at all.

We are older now. We don't party like we used to. We can't afford to entertain now. We seldom get to the dance and spend most of our time puttering around our own place. A few old friends come by now and then, but mostly it's just us. It's different.

I'll be volunteering to help out at Spaghetto. I feel much as I did twenty years ago when I first came to help: I'm a newcomer, most folks don't know me, I have to tread carefully. That's OK and I understand that fully, but if feels so strange to have so many memories and yet feel so new.

This will pass. We'll get to know people, more slowly now because we aren't as active as we were back then, but we'll get there.

It's good to be back.

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