Our first visit to Birch Acres

We started visiting Moonstone Beach in 1986, but by the end of 1987 it was obvious we would need to go somewhere else. We were active in NENA (New England Naturists Association) and people in that group had mentioned Birch Acres to us. It was so far away we did not seriously consider it at first, but after trial visits to Dyer Woods and Solaire, neither of which we liked, we decided to try it.

We were warned that pigs sleeping in the road at the farm (then quite active with cattle, sheep, chickens and pigs) might block our way. That never happened to us, but we may have had to wait for chickens, as that obstacle was much more common.

We had made reservations for one of the old guest rooms that were located between the Ghetto and the showers. We checked in with Dick Wadlegger, the owner at that time. I was amused to see that he kept his records using a Radio Shack TRS-80 computer, which was already ten year old technology at the time. I had customers who still used that same equipment, but very, very few by then.

We spent the afternoon on the sunning lawn. At some point in the early evening we wandered down to the Ghetto fire. Unsure of our welcome, we hung back, afraid to enter the circle. We were noticed by someone we later came to know as Breakfast Bob who dragged us in, introducing us to everyone and offering beer and snacks.

Of course we attended the dance and stayed to the very end. The next morning we enjoyed the pool and the hot tub before reluctantly making our way home.

From that point on, we visited every Saturday when the weather allowed. We seldom stayed over; back then there were no rules about leaving at 7:00 PM. We'd dance until midnight and then drive two and a half hours home!

We did that until 1995. While driving home exhausted one Saturday night, we realized that we really couldn't keep this up - it was too dangerous. A small trailer was available in the Ghetto next to people we already knew, so we bought it.

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