Strange Encounters

It has always seemed strange to me that we have run into so many people from our home town. It's not a large town at a population of less than 20,000. Yet we know of at least five other couples who lived there and either have been or are now members of BVR. As far as I know, none of them knew each other, so this wasn't a case of friends inviting other friends.

We did have tenuous relationships with three of the couples. One owned a business in our town, so we knew of them. We knew another couple very casually through other friends but didn't know they were nudists. As it turned out, our youngest daughter knew the youngest son of yet another couple, but we didn't know them at all until we met them here.

Then there was a guy who had once been the minister of a church in our town! We aren't church goers, so we didn't know him either.

But the strangest meeting of all took place on the lawn. We were sitting on our blanket when two men sat down a few feet behind us. We could easily hear them and they were talking about their business and a computer project that several people were bidding on. The project sounded very much like one that I was bidding on, so I listened even more closely.

A moment or so later I heard my own name! They were discussing my bid with no idea that I was sitting just in front of them. I hesitated. On the one hand, I was afraid that if I introduced myself it would be very, very weird and uncomfortable. On the other hand, I didn't feel good getting information about my bid and my competition. It didn't feel right. I could have just stood up and walked away, but in fact I had already accidentally gleaned some very useful and very confidential information.

My morals won out. I turned around, interrupted their discussion, explained who I was and apologized for over hearing. They seemed very uncomfortable and soon excused themselves and left.

I expected that I now had no chance of winning that bid and I was right about that: my bid was rejected the next week and I was not invited to bid again. That was disappointing, but I felt I did the right thing.

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