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Verizon Cell Phone Internet Connections

© June 2003 Bruce Garlock

After reading your cellphone Internet article, I decided to give my phone a try, for which I purchased Verizon's Mobile Office kit, some time ago. At the time (it must be at least 1-1/2 years ago) the Internet access was horrible. Many dropped connections, and very, very slow. Since then, I have upgraded my phone, but currently there is no "Mobile Office Kit" for my new LG VX-4400 phone. I was a little frustrated, but my local radio shack had a USB data cable for the phone for $19.99. The software which was separate from the phone, was $39.99. Being adventourous, I decided to only purchase the cable, and use Win2K's built in DUN software to try and connect. After installing the USB drivers (separate download from www.futuredial.com), and creating a DUN connection to Verizon's "Express Network", I was up and running. No extra $39.99 needed. I'm not sure what the software does, but I'm guessing it's probably a bunch of "wizards" to help the more technology challenged folks. That's fine. I spend a lot of time on the computer, and I owe it to myself to bypass extra charges here and there, for the time I spend on the PC.

I then verified with Verizon that there is no additional costs for using the "Express Network" which claims speeds up to 144k. I usually average between 20-40k, which really blows away my normal dial-up connection at home, since we still do not have any broadband options in my area. During normal "peak" usage, the time spent using the data is billed against my normal minutes. I have unlimitted night and weekend usage, so I could be connected to the network all weekend without additional charges. That's when I plan on downloading O/S patch upgrades.

I plugged this phone into my Redhat 9 machine, and it immediately recognized the USB connection, and loaded the right drivers. What? Easier than Windows? I was impressed. I could easily use the phone as a regular data modem on linux, without downloading USB drivers.

With the coverage for the Express Network, I am able to use my laptop just about anywhere to connect to the net, and create a PPTP connection into work, and fix just about anything.

Well, Comcast promises cable modems to our area by September, but I've heard that one before. If that doesn't pan out, there's always wireless!

Got something to add? Send me email.

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-> Verizon Cell Phone Internet Connections


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See more info about https://www.searchcomplete.com/search/cell_phones.htm setting up to the internet here.

Express Network (now known as National Access) is not a "minutes per use" feature. If someone at Verizon Wireless told you that, they were incorrect. Unlimited usage on a tethered connection is $79.99 per month and average speeds are 40-60 kbps with burst speeds up to 144 kbps. There is a service that Verizon Wireless offers that uses minutes only and there is no additional charge for, Quick 2 Net, however, this connection is at speeds comparable to a 14.4 modem.

See also https://www.meconomy.com

Not true. I have Express Network available to me on a minutes used basis. Quick 2 Net is also available.

I have been using quick net for 3 years
my qualcom 860 phone is shot and I'm checking all options for the best & least expensive way to go, i need a new Verizon phone (camera not needed) with data line access my cell is my only phone and i can't afford to pay extra for express network, i just want it to come off my minutes preferably at high speed but if not I;ll settle for QN but i want to know , before i re-up and sign on for 2 more years

Well, my high speed was working against my regular minutes, but a couple of months ago, it stopped! It looks like I must now pay extra for this service. I will also be adding some more information, like how to configure the Windows DUN settings for this, as well as the username/password you use for each type of service (qnc, 3g). Stay tuned!

- Bruce Garlock

---July 21, 2004

Whats a DUN account? Im using XP pro on my laptop and I need to be able to connect it to my verizon cell phone but I don't want to have to suffer through a 14.4k connection or have to pay $79.00 for the express network. I have the cable to hook up my cell to my usb port. What else to I need to do to make it work.


ken delano

DUN is Dial Up Networking


---July 21, 2004

DUH i forgot about dialup network. what would give me a faster verizon wireless connection speed, dialup network or somehow using my modem. verizon gave me two options for the connection. dialup or modem. I guess Ill be using my usb to phone cable but how can I make it as fast as possible? Im open for options. is there anyway that I can dial my regular DUN number wireless and still keep my 56k connection speed that I have on landline?



---July 22, 2004

Ken, I will be making an update, with a step by step method of connecting to the Verizon Network. I actually have to setup someones laptop for this today, so I will be taking notes, and then posting them. Stay tuned!

- Bruce Garlock

---July 23, 2004

Bruce, I downloaded the drivers from futuredial and bought the usb to phone cable but when I entered the so called verizon logon and password "qnc" it didnt accept it. it said it was an invalid password. I went to DUN and set up the celluar modem using the same number and password as my regular msn dialup and it connected my phone/laptop @ 230k. when i opened up IE, it would load somewhat but it wouldnt load the entire page and then the connection would fail. it was showing a connection speed of 230k but the transfer speed was a lot slower. Any idea's how I can get the cellular modem to work properly with my msn or someway to make my verizon account work properly? At least you are giving me hope that it might actually work without having to pay $79.00 a month for the express network.



---July 24, 2004

---July 25, 2004

ERRR! I am having to suffer with this Quick 2 Net speed at 14.4 kbps! How can i enhance this speed - This is ridiculus. You shouldn't have to get Express Network minutes or unlimited to have a decent connection through your phone. If you're gon get the Unlimited Express Network plan, you might as well get a broadband access card for your notebook computer because that is Unlimited National Access and Broadband Access for $80.

---November 27, 2004

---November 27, 2004

Can you tell me how to hook up my Verizon vx4500 phone to my laptop and connect to Verizons Network. I have tried to get it to work and to no success. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Randy

---December 1, 2004

So I've heard rumors that Verizon is doing away with "Express Network Minutes Only Used" - I think the new term is just 'National Access' and you have to pay for or change your plans to get the higher speed network connection.

My question is: are there ppl out there still using the Express Network without paying any extra fees, or is everybody unable to connect because of Verizon's crackdown on this? I know everybody should be able to connect to the very slow, 14.4 qnc connection

Also, has anybody been recently successful in coaxing any Verizon CSRs into giving them Express Network access at no additional charge?

Any more info on this would be great!


---December 2, 2004

Verizon has three plans for Express Network which is now called "National Access".
1. Unlimited access is $79.00 per month if you do not have accompanying Verizon cellular voice service. $44.00 with America's Choice.
2. 20 Megabytes per month access for $40.00
3. You use your minutes on the America's Choice voice plan. To use option 3 you do not sign up for anything. Just connect and go. IF you are having trouble using National Access, tell tech support that you can not get "GET IT NOW" to work. "Get it now" uses the same CDMA2000 or 1xrtt access as National Access. The problem you have talking to Verizon is the marketing folks think of National Access a marketing thing to sell you something. The Verizon techies think of National Access as a 1xrtt / CDMA2000 system.


---December 20, 2004

I'm afraid that Ken is wrong. This is the response I received from Verizon when I asked them to enable NA-MOU on my account:

Thank you for contacting Verizon Wireless through our website.

We appreciate your interest in utilizing NationalAccess for your wireless data needs, and we are happy to assist you.

NationalAccess is Verizon Wireless' national wireless Internet service, which enables users to access the Internet, e-mail, attachments, and business applications with a laptop at average speeds of 40-60 kbps (kilobytes per second) and bursts up to 144 kbps. NationalAccess covers major business markets across the nation.

For your convenience, we have listed our NationalAccess calling plan options:

NationalAccess Calling Plans: If you spend an average amount of time on your wireless phone and the Internet, these plans offer good value. Starting at just $35.00 per month, you receive an airtime allowance that can be used for both wireless Internet access and domestic calling. There are no domestic long distance or domestic roaming charges coast to coast.

Unlimited NationalAccess and BroadbandAccess Calling Plan: If you use the wireless Internet for hours at a time, this fixed-rate plan offers great value. For just $79.99 a month, you get unlimited NationalAccess and BroadbandAccess for your wireless data needs. Please note: A BroadbandAccess-capable PC card is required to use the BroadbandAccess service. To view coverage areas for BroadbandAccess, please visit www.verizonwireless.com/b2c/mobileoptions/broadband/index.jsp

NationalAccess Megabyte Calling Plans: These plans charge by the amount of data you use and are ideal if your usage is relatively constant each month. Megabyte allowances start at 20 MB for just $39.99 monthly access.

All NationalAccess plans require equipment capable of accessing our high-speed digital network.

For more information on NationalAccess pricing, equipment compatibility, and service availability, please visit the following link:


Please be advised that we do not currently offer a feature that would allow you to utilize our National Access service and only use minutes from your calling plan. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Please remember, as part of our Worry Free Guarantee you will enjoy America's best, most reliable wireless network. Feel free to contact us again through www.verizonwireless.com if you have any further questions.


Verizon Wireless
Customer Service

"We never stop working for you!"

The above response is subject to the terms of your Service Agreement and calling plan, which apply to all lines on your account. Please read those materials for full details. Our liability is limited. In the event of a conflict between this response and the terms of your Service Agreement and calling plan, the terms of your Service Agreement and calling plan will govern. Verizon Wireless's calling plans, rate areas, rates, agreement provisions, business practices, procedures and policies are subject to change as specified in the Service Agreement. If you should have any questions or concerns regarding your service with Verizon Wireless, please contact us at 800-922-0204 or e-mail us through our website at www.verizonwireless.com.

---December 20, 2004

Here is a link to a generic setup for DUN. It covers the user/pass combo needed for each Verizon Internet service, qnc, and 3G (express network). Since DUN varies by Windows version, you should do a google search for how to setup your particular DUN config depending on your Windows version. I have also used Mac OS/X to setup an Internet connection through my cell phone with Verizon, using the info provided on this link. All you really need are the settings for the user/pass, and the number to dial.



You may also have to specify an init string for your cellphone (modem). A gooogle search may also help in this area for your particular model. For example, I have a LG VX-4400, and for the ExpressNetwork (3G), I have to enter the following init code for my phone: AT$QCMDR=3

Just do a google search based on your phone model, and init string to see if anything comes up regarding your phone.


---December 24, 2004

Here is good link on setting up Verizon's Quick 2 Net Service or using your own ISP dial-up service.

Doc Webb

---December 24, 2004

Or this one;


Doc Webb

---January 4, 2005

My question is if I pay the $80 bucks a month do I just use a DUN connection? Or do I "have" to use a proprietery (for better or worse?) system? Has anyone out there bit the bullet and payed more and found it to be worth it? I haven't looked to far as you can tell, but I want some info.
Also is one phone any better than another? Do you have to have an "Internet Ready" phone? How about a "National Access" phone?
Good site.
Thanks, Matthew

---January 4, 2005

Mon Aug 15 23:28:33 2005: 975   anonymous

I bought a USB cable but have don't have a CD or disk or anything for the software. I went to the site you recommended, but what do I download to get the driver?

Wed Nov 30 22:48:29 2005: 1390   anonymous

take a look at www.mycellconnect.com, they have a backend (wap proxy) and configuration instructions

Sat May 8 04:51:58 2010: 8547   anonymous


can you turn on my windows internet explorer on my cell phone plaz becaus ei need to get songs ans wallparerp

Sat May 8 10:02:54 2010: 8548   TonyLawrence


Sure thing. We just placed the work order to turn you on. Be patient; it can take a few weeks to process.

Wed Nov 10 19:17:32 2010: 9108   Alex


Ok so let me get this straight. Say I use the DUN with the Verizon mobile office kit I don't have to pay any extra but its very slow?

Thu Nov 11 17:13:34 2010: 9112   TonyLawrence


I don't know what current status is. I haven't used this in years.


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