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IBM: Linux Desktop Migration RedBook

© December 2004 Bruce Garlock

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Mon Dec 20 04:31:22 2004 IBM: Linux Desktop Migration RedBook
Posted by Bruce Garlock

IBM has released a very interesting read, on migrating to desktop linux. The RedBook, contains lots of different topics for migration, and covers just about all the different areas. This is a very detailed paper on all the different areas of migrating from Windows to Linux on the desktop.

It can be found here: https://www.redbooks.ibm.com/abstracts/sg246380.html?Open

- Bruce Garlock

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-> IBM: Linux Desktop Migration RedBook

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---December 20, 2004

I actually purchased the hardcover edition, since I enjoyed this Redbook so much. It was "on sale" for $39.95, so it was not too bad. So far, this is the most definitive guide I have seen for switching over to desktop linux, and some of the "gotchas" involved. I really think the author(s) did a fine job with this.


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