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Microsoft proprietary information in SCO

Tue Nov 23 13:25:59 2004 Posted by Bruce Garlock

I recently had to edit /etc/conf/cf.d/mtune to change a shared memory parameter on an OSR5 machine, and noticed this statement at the top:

* This Module contains Proprietary Information of Microsoft * Corporation and should be treated as Confidential.

What on earth could Microsoft have that is proprietary with tuning the SCO kernel?

- Bruce Garlock

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---November 23, 2004

All kinds of things. Microsoft (like IBM etc.) has all manner of patents. No doubt Microsoft royalties help keep SCO expensive, too. It's all pretty disgusting when you really see what is going on. We get sold on the idea that patents are for protecting the lone inventor, but in fact nothing could be farther from the truth. Patents let big companies keep on bullying the little folk.


---November 23, 2004

I only saw this (c)opyright in mtune. The other files do not have the copyright notice in it. Why would they put it in mtune, and not some of the other files in /etc/conf/cf.d?

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