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Apple 15" Powerbook Battery recall

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© August 2004 Bruce Garlock

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Fri Aug 20 14:03:58 2004 Apple 15" Powerbook Battery recall
Posted by Bruce Garlock
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Apple is currently having a recall for certain 15" Powerbook batteries, due to overheating. I found out I was one of the users who is eligible for a replacement. I was wondering why my laptop would get so hot when sitting on the couch, running on battery. I would put a pillow on my lap, because it would be unbearable, but I thought that it was the processor.

- Bruce Garlock

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---August 20, 2004

Try it nude.

Even the iBook is an "experience" :-)


---August 20, 2004

:-) I wouldn't even think of it! Although, this post says that someone already has tried it in the nude :-)


- Bruce Garlock

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