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Patent Busting

Sat Jul 17 05:22:43 2004 Patent Search Keys: patent,copyright,invention,lawsuit,licensing

Elsewhere on this website, comments have been made concerning the burgeoning tendency of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to issue patents for technology that many of us consider to be prior art.  In this article about "patent busters," you can read about what is being done to curb the issuance of baseless patents and what the patent awardees have to say about it.

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---July 17, 2004

See http://humorix.org/articles/2004/04/patents/

It is most annoying when a company becomes successful because of the lack of patents but then starts suing other people who "horn in" on their territory.


This is the new paradigm (man, I hate that overworked word). In the old days, a business produced goods and services. Nowadays, a company produces lawsuits.


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