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Windows Isn't Ready For The Desktop

© July 2004 BigDumbDinosaur

Fri Jul 30 15:11:12 2004 Windows Isn't

We often hear comments to the effect that "Linux is not ready for use on a workstation desktop."  Well, in this amusing but factual article, author Sean Parsons turns the tables on Microsoft and asserts that it is Windows, not Linux, that isn't ready for the desktop.

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-> Windows Isn't Ready For The Desktop


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---July 30, 2004

As I've said before, no one who really *uses* a computer could possibly enjoy using Windows. Good article; thanks for the link.


---July 30, 2004

One odd thing that people do is that when they talk about Linux on the desktop they grade Linux using Windows as the ruler.

One example is how they take a person that has been using MS Office apps in a professional enviroment for years, and then ask them to grade how easy it is to use.

Also you have much more subtler things that people do. MS has people brainwashed on how a computer operates. Windows ISN'T easy to use. The UI isn't slick and wonderfull. It isn't even that consistant, which is one major critism that Linux apps have. It's just that they've been using it for almost 10 years now and Windows is just what they are used too. (Mac OS X in comparision is actually easy to use.)

Then you have people that should know better that don't. Advanced users, or at least people that considure themselves advanced. They say things like how Linux should ditch the old Unix style directories (/etc/ /usr/ /lib/ and so on) which is SO confusing and that Linux needs to adapt a filing system that makes sense... Like Window's C: drive.

Which just boggles my mind how a person could feel that way.


---July 31, 2004


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