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Fri Dec 14 16:08:35 2007: 3331   rbailin

Trying to use the "Other" option on which hardware I would recommend (Toshiba) and I keep getting a popup window to enter a selection, even though I've chosen "Enter my own..." from the drop down list.


Fri Dec 14 16:23:08 2007: 3332   TonyLawrence

That is odd - I see it works for some surveys but not others..

I just threw these up quickly - I'll write my own code to handle them later - I'll do the graphs using that new Google graphing API.

In the meantime, I will ask the people who supplied these what's up.

Fri Dec 14 18:18:50 2007: 3333   TonyLawrence

Turns out they don't like to be mixed on a page.. so I broke them up for now..

Mon Dec 17 16:30:58 2007: 3337   rbailin

One more irritant: The (not-so) little popup window that appears almost instantly when your mouse pointer gets near one of the radio buttons to vote. It wouldn't be nearly as annoying if there was a 3-5 second popup delay as with many other websites.


Mon Dec 17 16:58:05 2007: 3338   TonyLawrence

Ayup - very annoying. I will replace these with my own code as soon as I have some free time..

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