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Articles on the Kerio® Products I sell and support: Mail Servers, Security Firewalls, VOIP Management and Collaboration.

Linux and Unix administration and troubleshooting articles, help and inspiration for freelancers and the self employed, advice on blogging, SEO and earning money on-line.

There is a lot of SCO Unix information here also.

Not a significant source of information concerning Microsoft products. Primary author is an opinionated Mac OS X and Linux Evangelist.

Three low-cost e-books may be purchased as a supplement to this website.


May contain liberal opinion, small dashes of politics and some crankiness as well as the occasional grin. Contains Skill Tests, Unix and Linux Consultant Listings, Book reviews and more.

This site is not recommended for total n00bies or real gurus. N00bies may be overwhelmed and true gurus will be bored.

These statements have been approved by millions of visitors since 1997.

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A.P. Lawrence sells and supports Kerio® Products: Kerio Connect Mail Server, Control Security Firewalls, Operator VOIP Management and Samepage Collaboration.

We provide nationwide support by phone, email and remote login. All products are available as fully functional demo versions.

Of course we will be happy to assist you with installation and configuration as well as any questions you may have. Please contact us by email ([email protected]) or by phone (774) 213-1199 (7:00 AM to 7:00 PM U.S. Eastern time zone)

Most recent posts:

Apple watch for the Holidays? Don't get ripped off!

Apple watch for the Holidays? Don't get ripped off! ..

MacOSX 2016-11-24 Tony Lawrence
Apple's new Macbook Pro's

Are Apple's new Macbook Pro's actually better than a tablet? I think they could be. ..

MacOSX 2016-10-29 Tony Lawrence

Recent Comments

Changing mail addresses with Active Directory in Kerio Connect

A customer needed to change the email address for several users. ..

Kerio 2016-06-17 Tony Lawrence
What the haters missed at WWDC

No, Apple isn't boring. You just aren't paying attention. ..

MacOSX 2016-06-14 Tony Lawrence
Manything, Wemo and IFTT make a cheap security camera

Rather than trade in my old iPhone, I turned it into a security camera ..

Security 2016-05-04 Tony Lawrence
Apple Watch as a medical alert system

Using Apple watch as a medical alert system avoids monthly bills ..

IOS 2015-12-18 Tony Lawrence
iTranslate Voice

Suddenly I actually can speak Spanish - and a lot of other languages ..

IOS 2015-12-17 Tony Lawrence
We have an app for that

You can read this site on your IOS device. Yes, of course it is free. ..

Misc 2015-12-11 Tony Lawrence
Odd DNS issue with Google

Odd DNS issue with Google caused mail and browser failures but firewall was able to use DNS. ..

Troubleshooting 2015-11-30 Tony Lawrence
It's not an iPad virus!

Calling something a virus when it is not is harmful and insulting ..

IOS 2015-11-29 Tony Lawrence
Slow loading folders in Outlook with Kerio Connect

My Outlook folders are slow loading, slow to search and slow to change ..

Kerio 2015-11-19 Tony Lawrence
Packets on wrong interface

Packets on wrong interface due to wiring layout ..

Kerio 2015-11-18 Tony Lawrence
Patent reform

I think patent reform is long overdue. Patents run too long and are too broad. ..

Opinion 2015-11-17 Tony Lawrence
Archive folder not seen in Kerio Connect

I Unzipped July of 2015 in the archive directory.. Waited an hour and it still complains about missing folders.. Had it rebuild but still complains.. ..

Kerio 2015-11-16 Tony Lawrence
Terminal type not recognized

Terminal type not recognized. ..

unknown terminal "WYSE50"". man and other applications will say "WARNING 2015-11-13 Exact message is "tput

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