Email and Phone Support

I am not doing as much SCO or Linux support as I used to.

My concentration now is on Kerio Products, not general support.

However, I used to do a LOT of SCO work. For almost twenty years, that was most of what I did on a daily basis for hundreds of customers. Since then, that work has mostly disappeared and my skills are getting a little rusty.

I MAY be able to help with some Unix/Linux things. Please send email first, describing your needs.

The minimum charge for an email incident is $60.00.
The minimum charge for a telephone incident is $150.00.
The minimum charge for a Webex, telnet or ssh session is $250.00.

When you need help NOW, you can get it

Here's what I may be able to help with:

Linux, Unix and Mac OS X, networking problems, scripting, website programming and many other things. There are other pages here that detail those things but you may already know that I can help.

Here's what to do:

Email Help

The minimum charge for email help is $60. Don't send money; send your question in email.

This is NOT for telephone support. See below for that.

  • If you are already a customer, you won't need to send money.
  • If you can convince me that you really are a starving student or otherwise unreasonably burdened by this very affordable charge, I may reduce or waive it entirely.

Otherwise, please understand that I get many email requests, and I need to pay my bills just as everyone else does.

You should expect an answer within 24 hours, though I often answer within minutes. If you have not heard from me after 24 hours, send another email, a fax, or call me. Something has gone wrong; I would not take that long to answer you.

Please note that I am located in the Eastern Time zone and do need to sleep every now and then. I am also often available on weekends, but expect a slower response.


If you need telephone support, you need to send $150.00 after we have established that I can help you. Again, that's a minimum charge. Make sure you know that I CAN help and am available to take calls before sending money - the easiest way to do that is with an email (and no, of course you don't pay $60 to ask that!).

SSH, Telnet, Webex etc.

The minimum charge for a session where I log into your system(s) is $250.00. Note: I cannot "dial-in" to modems - internet access is necessary.


email address
Telephone: (774) 213-1199 (Google Voice, will find me anywhere)
Cell: (781) 249-8010
Fax: (781) 658-2012

If you can't read that, take away the "an" from "anthony", remove the "h" and send email to that name at Sorry not to be plain, but too many 'bots read these sites looking for email addresses to spam.

An alternate address is "pcunix" and that is at Gmail. Feel free to use either.

IF YOU DON'T GET A RESPONSE - Either your email went into spam on my server or my email got rejected by yours. CALL ME IF THAT HAPPENS.

Last updated June 2013

Got something to add? Send me email.

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