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Telephone: (774) 213-1199 Google Voice, will find me.
Cell: (781) 249-8010 Fax: (781) 658-2012 Mailing Address A.P. Lawrence
1101 Lantern Lane
Middleboro MA 02346-7312

Email: [email protected]

IF YOU DON'T GET A RESPONSE - Either your email went into spam on my server or my email got rejected by yours. CALL ME IF THAT HAPPENS.

You can also reach me with Skype "pcunix". The only problem with that is that sometimes I leave my computer downloading something or doing some big file conversion and I forget to set Skype to tell you that. The same thing happens with Gmail Chat and Google Hangouts - you certainly are welcome to try to reach me that way but I may not be "here" even when it says that I am.

Twitter is "pcunix". I won't follow you if you follow much more than 200 people. Facebook is also "pcunix" but I won't respond to that unless we actually know one another.

I don't use LinkedIn now - my account is deleted.

I'm really paying very little attention to any of those now. Google+ : Tony Lawrence at G+ is where you will find me.

Got something to add? Send me email.

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Wed Oct 23 21:27:18 2013: gpm2.com12353   anonymous


i was directed to u from a golf cart troubleshooting search...read all the posts... thought it was hilarious...u should be getting a large bonus/commission from buggies unlimited!

Kerio Samepage

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