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The last Windows Operating System?

The last Windows Operating System? Perhaps inevitable, but I think it is a risky move ..

Microsoft 2015-05-22 Tony Lawrence
Is Apple losing its mojo?

Would Steve Jobs have allowed bad Apple Watch apps? Would he even have released the product? ..

MacOSX 2015-05-21 Tony Lawrence
SolidOpinion Comments

I added SolidOpinion Comments recently. I'm still not sure that's a good idea but it's better than what I had - maybe! ..

Site 2015-05-20 Tony Lawrence
pic Handling retired addresses with Kerio Connect

How to handle ex-employees who still get important mail ..

Kerio 2015-05-19 Tony Lawrence
Why use a VPN instead of opening ports?

I need to access my security cameras from home. My camera guys says we need to forward ports on the firewall, but my firewall guy says I should use the VPN instead ..

Forum 2015-05-18 Tony Lawrence
pic Wunderlist

I don't like lists. I REALLY don't like lists. But I do like Wunderlist. ..

Microsoft 2015-05-15 Tony Lawrence
Homebrew for Mac OS X

Homebrew is yet another package manager for OS X. I suppose it must have advantages, but I didn't find any. ..

MacOSX 2015-05-14 Tony Lawrence
Unix and Linux startup scripts Part 4, Systemd

Systemd is gaining favor in Linux distributions. This is a big change from inittab and everything else ..

Basics 2015-05-13 Tony Lawrence
pic Looking for secret connections

Malware often has secret internet connections. Spotting them in your firewall isn't always easy but I can offer some hints. ..

Kerio 2015-05-12 Tony Lawrence
pic Google Password Alert - barn doors and horses

Although two factor authentication protects you more, users who will not or cannot use that might consider this. To me, this seems like a silly answer! ..

Google 2015-05-11 Tony Lawrence
pic Using Mint in a micro-business

While accounting programs like Quickbooks are important, a sole proprietor can also benefit from Mint's view of their money ..

Employment 2015-05-10 Tony Lawrence
Playing with human genetics

Playing with human genetics is scary territory, especially when done in hope of profits. ..

Science 2015-05-09 Tony Lawrence
Facebook to kill Google? I don't think so!

Not that they aren't trying, but I think the odds are low at best. Facebook has a lot of its own problems. ..

Google 2015-05-08 Tony Lawrence
Why is good email suddenly being marked spam?

Why is a lot of what for years has been good mail (like from UPS and the Washington Post) now being marked SPAM? ..

Forum 2015-05-07 Tony Lawrence
pic Google's QUIC may speed up the Internet

Speed is very important to Google. TCP connections have too much overhead and plain UDP is too unreliable. QUIC bridges the gap. ..

Networking 2015-05-06 Tony Lawrence

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