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What have you done for me lately, Firefox?

Firefox wants to regain market share - and they have been working hard on improvements. ..

Web/HTML 2015-05-03 Tony Lawrence
pic Amazon's Nostalgia Machine

For me and my wife, Amazon Prime Music is a nostalgia machine, transporting us back over many decades. ..

Web/HTML 2015-05-02 Tony Lawrence
pic The cost of data

$10 per GB? Somebody is getting rich, but why? Why do we pay so much for wireless data? ..

Web/HTML 2015-05-01 Tony Lawrence
pic How can I monitor bandwidth so we don't accidentally exceed our hotspot data?

I'd like to keep an eye on my bandwidth usage while on vacation to avoid overcharges. ..

Troubleshooting 2015-04-30 Tony Lawrence
Another 'expanded to zero recipients' problem

I was thrown of track momentarily, but eventually there was nothing left that it could possibly be. No matter how silly, that had to be it. ..

Kerio 2015-04-30 Tony Lawrence
pic How can I see what pages are being accessed at my website?

I'd like to watch my logs as new visitors come. How can I see what pages are being accessed in real time? ..

Troubleshooting 2015-04-29 Tony Lawrence
pic Is there a future for Android Watches?

Google is playing catchup with the IOS iWatch; can they ever take the lead? ..

Opinion 2015-04-29 Tony Lawrence
pic How do I look up an MX record with nslookup?

I'm trying to figure out why this app is sending email to the wrong server. How do I look up MX records with nslookup? ..

Forum 2015-04-28 Tony Lawrence
pic Afraid to upgrade because of losing iPhotos?

Yes, Photos has changed - a lot. But it's still your photos and avoiding upgrades is not a good long term strategy. ..

MacOSX 2015-04-27 Tony Lawrence
Words can kill

Being overly worried about objectionable words causes me some extra editing. Words can kill, it seems - can kill Adsense ads, that is.. ..

Advertising 2015-04-27 Tony Lawrence
Macs are so expensive? You mean like onions?

Are Macs really overpriced? Let's fight it out one more time! ..

MacOSX 2015-04-26 Tony Lawrence
Take Control of the Mac Command Line with Terminal

Old-timers like me couldn't avoid being exposed to command line interfaces - that's all we had when we started using computers. Actually, that's even wrong: when I started with computers, your input choices were front panel switches, punched cards or punched tape - command line interfaces were a big step up! ..

Books 2011-06-29 Tony Lawrence
Ezoic Day 2

There were far fewer issues than I expected, but I did have to work around a few things ..

Web/HTML 2015-04-25 Tony Lawrence
How do I merge images with Preview on MacOSX?

Funny that you should mention that, because I had the same problem. I knew how to use Image Magick convert and montage command line tools, but sometimes I'd want to do something more complicated. ..

Troubleshooting 2015-04-24 Tony Lawrence
Do you need a secondary MX?

A secondary MX is supposed to help you, but in fact it often causes more problems than it solves. ..

Kerio 2015-04-24 Tony Lawrence

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