A.P. Lawrence provides general Unix/Linux consulting and sells and supports Kerio® Products: Kerio Connect Mail Server, Control Security Firewalls, Operator VOIP Management and Samepage Collaboration.

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Apple Watch as a medical alert system


Using Apple watch as a medical alert system avoids monthly bills ..

IOS 2015-12-18 Tony Lawrence
iTranslate Voice


Suddenly I actually can speak Spanish - and a lot of other languages ..

IOS 2015-12-17 Tony Lawrence
We have an app for that

You can read this site on your IOS device. Yes, of course it is free. ..

Misc 2015-12-11 Tony Lawrence
Odd DNS issue with Google


Odd DNS issue with Google caused mail and browser failures but firewall was able to use DNS. ..

Troubleshooting 2015-11-30 Tony Lawrence
It's not an iPad virus!

Calling something a virus when it is not is harmful and insulting ..

IOS 2015-11-29 Tony Lawrence
Slow loading folders in Outlook with Kerio Connect


My Outlook folders are slow loading, slow to search and slow to change ..

Kerio 2015-11-19 Tony Lawrence
Packets on wrong interface


Packets on wrong interface due to wiring layout ..

Kerio 2015-11-18 Tony Lawrence
Patent reform


I think patent reform is long overdue. Patents run too long and are too broad. ..

Opinion 2015-11-17 Tony Lawrence
Archive folder not seen in Kerio Connect


I Unzipped July of 2015 in the archive directory.. Waited an hour and it still complains about missing folders.. Had it rebuild but still complains.. ..

Kerio 2015-11-16 Tony Lawrence
Terminal type not recognized

Terminal type not recognized. ..

unknown terminal "WYSE50"". man and other applications will say "WARNING 2015-11-13 Exact message is "tput
Our cash drawer connected to a serially connected Wyse terminal stopped working

Our cash drawer connected to a serially connected Wyse terminal stopped working. I made some changes in the device configurator and wondering if there's a way to restore those. ..

Terminals 2015-11-12 Tony Lawrence
My license has expired. Didn't you get our payment?


My Kerio license has expired. Didn't you get our payment for the renewal? ..

Kerio 2015-11-11 Tony Lawrence
The value of libraries

Would the general public support libraries if they really were about combatting ignorance? ..

Opinion 2015-11-10 Tony Lawrence
Hacking the new more secure credit cards


This hack has been blocked, but I'm sure more will come. ..

Security 2015-11-09 Tony Lawrence
Is stock trading doomed?

Without access to a firehose of data and the software to analyze it, can a lone day trader compete? ..

Employment 2015-11-06 Tony Lawrence

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