A.P. Lawrence provides general Unix/Linux consulting and sells and supports Kerio® Products: Kerio Connect Mail Server, Control Security Firewalls, Operator VOIP Management and Samepage Collaboration.

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Are the benefits of getting Amazon Prime worth the cost?

Are the benefits of getting Amazon Prime worth the cost? $100 a year would pay for a lot of shipping! ..

Forum 2015-07-02 Tony Lawrence
pic Amazon Echo SDK

Amazon Echo now has a SDK - develop your own functions for private or public use ..

Programming 2015-07-01 Tony Lawrence
pic Apple's News Publisher shakes things up

Is Apple's News Publisher the future of Internet News? Apparently it is worrying some big names in that area. ..

MacOSX 2015-06-30 Tony Lawrence
pic Xinuos introduces SCO_X - does anyone care?

Xinuos introduces SCO_X, a BSD distro apparently compatible with OSR5 and Unixware - does anyone care? ..

SCO_OSR5 2015-06-25 Tony Lawrence
Does cheaper always win? Walmart takes on Amazon

Walmart to compete with Amazon? I suppose anything is possible, but I don't see it. Walmart evokes cheap, whereas Amazon covers all price points. ..

Opinion 2015-06-24 Tony Lawrence
pic How can I accept email if the domain doesn't exist?

How can I accept email from a domain that cannot be found in DNS? ..

Security 2015-06-23 Tony Lawrence
pic Is is safe to visit my bank if I'm using unsecured wifi?

Is is safe to visit my bank or other secure sites like Gmail if I'm using unsecured wifi? ..

Security 2015-06-18 Tony Lawrence
Self driving cars? My wife says no

So many people think self driving cars will be the norm in a few decades - not if my wife's feelings are common! ..

Opinion 2015-06-17 Tony Lawrence
Take Control of Security for Mac Users

Most security books are too technical for the average reader. Take Control of Security is not - learn how to protect yourself with this new book by Joe Kissel. ..

MacOSX 2015-06-16 Tony Lawrence
Another router security flaw - netUSB

This netUSB vulnerability is real, but I have to ask why anyone ever thought netUSB was a good idea? ..

Security 2015-06-15 Tony Lawrence
Canary is a good idea at a ridiculous price

While I do like the idea of the Canary Honeypot, the price is utter nonsense. There's nothing difficult about doing this and nothing worth that kind of money. ..

Security 2015-06-12 Tony Lawrence
Beware the so called free Windows 10 upgrade

If you own Windows 7 or Windows 8 (non Enterprise versions), you'll soon be offered a free upgrade to Windows 10. Should you jump? ..

Microsoft 2015-06-11 Tony Lawrence
The PC isn't dead yet, but it will be

The PC isn't dead yet, but it is on its way to irrelevance. The world is changing whether you and I are ready or not. ..

IOS 2015-06-10 Tony Lawrence
pic Google helps you with privacy now and after you are gone

It's not just privacy, though: you can also tailor ads and search results to be more relative to your needs ..

Security 2015-06-09 Tony Lawrence
pic Chrome tab issues

Why has Chrome become so slow and balky? It's tabs, tabs, tabs! ..

Web/HTML 2015-06-08 Tony Lawrence

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