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What's a haxie?

A haxie is a Mac OS X hack - generally some small thing that adds a feature or changes the way OS X works.

The word is attributed to Unsanity, a company that offers several haxies. Other companies picked up on the word so you'll see it fairly often now.

Haxies can be fragile; OS upgrades can kill them, eliminate the need for whatever they provide, or confuse them into misbehavior. Even patches can send them into a tail spin. For those reasons, I tend to avoid haxies and certainly wouldn't invest much money into any of them.

Still, if you just can't live with what you have, a neat little haxie might make you happy. If you don't spend much, and delay your OS upgrades until your haxie catches up or is reported to be fine, you can have your tweak.

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